The easiest way to train employees with busy schedules

Mac Book Pro


Creating microlearning pops with Trainingpop is as easy as using Instagram, there is no training required, and you can get started right away.

Content Library Integration

You can add content directly for your image library, and capture live photos and videos for your microlearning posts. It's all designed into Trainingpop's efficient workflow.

Text Editing

Add text easily for additional communication for visual learners.

Screen Recording

Show screen content by recording any screen with your smartphone camera. Insert one or multiple recordings as video slides in your microlearning trainingpops.

Enhanced video audio and text

Easily create, and edit video, audio, and images directly on your mobile device - it's that easy.


Record or import any video, or even link to videos on external sites or LMSs containing legacy Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline 360 eLearning content.

Multiple Choice Questions

Test learners whenever and wherever you want in your microlearning trainingpop. Insert question slides in between slides, or at the beginning or end of slides. No LMS needed!


View microlearning pops in any browser (desktop or mobile), or app (IOS or Android)

HTML5 Gestures

All Trainingpop learning content is optimized the new responsive player for touch control. It supports touchscreen gestures—such as swiping, dragging, and pinch-to-zoom—in HTML5 output on tablets and smartphones.


Send microlearning pops directly to individual learners, learning teams, or simply make them available to everyone. That's true learning in-the-moment.

Private trainingpops

All learners can create microlearning nuggets for private use. They can view private pops whenever they need a refesher. No learners or administrators can view private pops, unless they are shared by the owner.

Connect to legacy eLearning like Articulate Storyline 360 and Adobe Captivate

Legacy eLearning like Articulate Storyline 360 and Adobe Captivate, can use the power of microlearning, as well. Just direct link to Trainingpop from your Articulate or Storlyine 360 project. You can even do the reverse by adding links in your Trainingpops.

HTML5, IOS or Android

It just is. Trainingpops are accessible on multiple devices anytime anywhere.


No need for an LMS. The Trainingpop microlearning platform does it all for you. Add learners view leadership boards and keep everything in order.

Create Training for Busy Employees.

Up-to-Date. Easy to Use. Memorable.

Let us convert your traditional eLearning to microlearning: